Our Endowments

  1. Silverthorne Family endowment
  2. Donnie and Linda V. Lassiter Family Endowment
  3. Michael R. Pelt
  4. Michael Rouse Family Endowment
  5. Casey-McCormack
  6. Rom W. and Annie B. Mallard Endowment
  7. Blended Fellowship Mission/Ministry
  8. Gregory Fader
  9. Harold and Sandra Jones Endowment
  10. William Widmire and Sarah Tart Lewis Endowment
  11. William C. and Beulah D. Raper Endowment for the Benevolent Fund of Little Rock Church
  12. Walther and Evelyn Reynolds for Friendship FWB Church (Greene County)
  13. Campbell and Lou Allen Warren
  14. Sam and Connie Weeks
  15. Alumni: FWB Children’s Home
  16. Dr. James and Sara S. Batten
  17. Goldsboro First FWB Church
  18. Thomas Bruce and Mary Moore Dudley
  19. Stoney Creek FWB Church
  20. James Benjamin Lewis, Jr. Scholarship for Church Music
  21. John and Arlinda Williams for Cragmont Assembly
  22. Ministerial Association of OFWBs
  23. Mae Haddock
  24. Lee’s Chapel OFWB Church
  25. Earl H. and Ovelma S. Holton Family
  26. Snow Hill OFWB Church
  27. Esther Davis Smith
  28. Daniel’s Chapel OFWB Church
  29. Bethany OFWB Church Layman’s league
  30. North Carolina Central Conference
  31. W. Burkette and Rose M. Raper Endowment for Charitable and Educational Purposes
  32. Jerry and Ola Jean Stroud Endowment
  33. Royce Ray and Mae Ellen Warwick Endowments for UMO
  34. Royce Ray and Mae Ellen Warwick Endowment for NCFCM
  35. Rooty Branch OFWB Church
  36. Selma OFWB Church
  37. Dianne Brown Riley Endowment
  38. Daughtry Family Charitable Fund Endowment
  39. Frank Harrison and Barbara Lancaster Endowment
  40. Fred and Linda Baker Endowment
  41. Martin W. and Bernice M. Still Endowment for Zion FWB Church
  42. New Hope Ruritan D. W. Kneeshaw Endowment Fund
  43. L. Marvin and Berta Edwards Endowment
  44. Emmitt and Carolyn Jone Endowment
  45. Willie E. And Sallie H. Renfrow Endowment
  46. Rodney L. and Peggy L. Hanchey Endowment
  47. Tyson Endowment Fund
  48. Howard Scott Endowment
  49. Kim Whitley Christian Service Endowment Fund
  50. Robert S. Frazier and Judy H. Thaanum Family**
  51. Cragmont Golf Scholarship
  52. Saint Paul’s OFWB Church
  53. Nellie Alford Endowment
  54. Burke and Susan Raper Endowment
  55. Letty Coleman Tew Endowment