The North Carolina Foundation for Christian Ministries

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About Us

Who We Are


The N. C. Foundation for Christian Ministries is a legally established and officially recognized nonprofit

corporation primarily serving Christian and educational purposes among Original Free Will Baptists and others.

The Foundation began in 2005 and has grown steadily in its ability to serve people, organizations, and ministries by assisting them in achieving their goals for charitable giving or service.

Our Founder

The success of the Foundation can be attributed to the vision and design of its Founding President, Dr. W. Burkette Raper, and its board of directors, which ensures ongoing adherence to its standards of excellence. 

What We Do


The Foundation’s work involves receiving cash gifts or other assets from donors. We then set-up processes that ensure the gifts will be conservatively invested and legally distributed to ministries, universities, or other charities according to the donors’ wishes. This can be done through a variety of means to best meet the need.

Therefore, the Foundation is able to help good people advance the gospel of Jesus Christ and achieve positive, lasting results for humanity.

Through the services of the Foundation, even those with modest means can receive the philanthropic benefits

typically reserved for those who have great wealth.

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100% of your generous gift may be designated to help fund our mission to help good people do good things.

Or, you may designate your gift toward an existing endowment, scholarship fund, or special project of the Foundation.

In addition to single gift donations, for your convenience, recurring monthly gifts can be set up to match your budget.

The North Carolina Foundation for Christian Ministries is a  501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Gifts to such organizations are usually considered tax deductible.

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North Carolina Foundation for Christian Ministries

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